Clay Diyas Shining Bright.. China Lights Slowly Fading….

Diwali is fast approaching and this time it is bringing many smiles on the faces of Indian potters and Diya makers. There has been a huge social media call on ‘Boycott Chinese goods’. So, many people have actually decided to celebrate this Diwali in a more eco-friendly way.

More number of people are buying Traditional Clay Diyas. The potters are now making very attractive and designer Clay Diyas. They are making them in a very large scale and are expecting the sale to be very high this year.

For the last four years Fancy Chinese lights have grabbed the entire decorative market in both small and large scales. But this year the traditional Clay Diyas are preferred over those Chinese lights.The potters are very happy with the orders pouring from all corners.The traders are also stocking up their shops with these designer and attractive Diyas as their costumers are asking for more traditional Diyas to celebrate this festival.

Not only Clay Diyas, shoppers are now looking for varieties to decorate their homes this year Glass Diyas, Acrylic Rangoli Diyas, Metal Diyas are much in demand. These different varieties in different sizes and shapes are all set to give a unique look to decorate the houses.

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