Prevent your kids from becoming A Gadget Addict

Is your child a Phone or Ipad addict..?

Admit it… Most of our kids Play-Grounds are virtual than Real… We cannot deny the fact that they are getting addicted to the electronic gadgets.

It has become a very common problem with many new parents these days. Technology is very informative and entertaining for sure, but it has equal health effects on our child. Their Eating habits.. Sleep time.. Play time.. we may have to compromise on everything if they become too dependent on these gadgets.

If you are looking to ‘DIGITALLY DETOX’ your child.. These few things may help you…


We want our children to eat no matter what. So, the easy way is to engage them in watching something and make them eat. Sometimes they don’t even know what they are eating.. For them its simple.. Meal time = TV Time.. This is the first change we need to make..

Being practical, we cannot expect our little ones to sit on a dining table and eat silently.. So, instead of putting gadgets before them.. Engage them in some arts n crafts.. Like Play-Doh.. Books with Big Pictures.. Number Blocks.. Etc.. For older kids story telling is the best solution..


It may look like something really impossible.. But there is every possibility to alteast restrict the TV/Ipad watching time..

Figure out a weekend activity.. Cycling is a good physical activity.. It will be so much fun and kids will look forward to it every week. This way, we can spend more time with our kids too.. This is a real good way to diverting our kids to real playground rather than playing games in Phone and I pad.


Proper sleep is very important for the overall development of children.To develop a Proper sleeping routine it should be made a rule not to carry Any electronic devices to the bed. Initially kids may show a lot of resistance, but gradually they will develop the habit to sleep without a Phone or IPad.

Read them a story book every night.. This will be best habit we can cultivate for our child for his life.


Our kids get habituated to gadgets only because of boredom. Take them for a little walk everyday.. They will love to observe things happening around.. They will develop ways to think and understand everything practically. This will help them make new friends.

Also, walking will physically tire them out and they will be super hungry.. It will be very easy to feed them and put them to sleep on the go.


Set time for meals.. Set time to play with toys.. Set a time to watch T.V or IPad.. Set a time for everything.. It may take sometime to adjust, but be strict about this.. Even on weekends and holidays…This will help them develop discipline and help them achieve big things as they grow up.


This is a very important aspect. As parents we are overloaded with work and don’t find quality time to spend with our kids and we try to divert them by giving gadgets to get things going. Overtime they get addicted to them and we regret it. We can avoid this by spending some time with kids.

It may be a very little time.. Take turns with your partner, but spend some time with them..

Always remember – Our kids are our future.. Our child needs US.. A Gadget cannot replace US.

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