Watch out.. Your career may kill You…

In a recent research It is found that,  People in high-stress jobs with little control over their work are likely to die younger than those who have more flexibility in their jobs.
In a recent Research on 2,363 people who are in their 60s over a period of 7 years, it is found that for individuals in low-control jobs and who have high job targets, there is 15.4 %  increase in chances of early death when compared to low job targets.For those in high-control jobs with high job demands there is a 34 percent decrease in the chances of death compared to low job demands.
“We explored job demands, the amount of work, time  and concentration, demands of a job and job control or the amount of freedom one has over making decisions at work, as joint predictors of death,” said an assistant professor at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in the US.
“These research show that stressful jobs have a clear negative impact on employee health when they have low freedom in decision-making, while stressful jobs can actually be beneficial to employee health if the employee has a freedom in decision-making.”
“You can avoid the negative health consequences if you allow them to set their own goals, set their own schedules, have freedom in decision-making ,” he said.
Thus, micro-managing can lead to severe health impact. People in high-demand jobs with low control were heavier than those in high-demand jobs with high control.
“Due to stress You might eat more, you might smoke, you might develop some unhealthy food practices. And Eating poorly may lead to many sever health issues which may include Cancer, respiratory disorders, Blood circulation issue which may further lead to Death.” he said.
26 % of deaths occurred in people in front line service jobs like PRO’s Marketing-personal etc., and 32% of deaths occurred in people with manufacturing jobs like engineers, assemblers, Fabricators etc., which are high job demands with low control.
“What we found is that those people that are in entry-level service jobs and construction jobs have pretty high death rates,compared to people in professional jobs and office positions,” The Professor said.
Interestingly, they found a really low rate of death among agricultural workers.
So.. This Research is a serious call to both employees and Employers.. Reducing workplace Stress is on High Priority now..

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