Nana Patekar, the Real Hero.

Would someone believe if they said A Padmasri awardee and 4 filmfare awards winning super hero lives in a single bedroom apartment. Yes Nana Patekar the pride of Indian cinema does. The facts about him will surely blow your mind and increase your respect for him a hundred times.

Here is all what you should know about this REAL LIFE HERO.

He can live a life King-Size, but he has No Seaside Bungalow, No imported brands, No endorsement, No luxuries, No Farm House, No foreign trips, No servent or Guards. He lives in a Single bedroom flat in Mumbai Suburb along with his mother. He Donates 90% of his earnings from past 30 years to the farmers and the poor through his NGO.

He looks Tough from outside but he has a heart of Gold. He is brutally Honest and Straightforward. He collected 22 crs though his ‘NAAM Foundation’ for the Farmers welfare. He has adopted various villages and is working hard to make them model villages.

He made a generous donation of 15,000 rupees per family to almost 62 families of the farmers who committed suicide in Marathawada region. He himself visited around 112 farmers families and distributed cheques. He is educating their children. He distributed sewing machines among the families of the farmers.

Nana Patekar holds the rank of Captain in Indian Army. He underwent 3 years training to perfect his role of Pratap Chauhan in the film ‘Prahaar’, one of the iconic role in History of Indian Cinema.

Explaining about his NGO and his contributions he says ” I have found a reason to live, till I die.”

Nana Patekar a man with a Big Heart deserves atmost respect and a big Salute.!!!!
He is a true Inspiration for the younger generations. Our world will become a better place to live in if we have more people like him.

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