Tips for lovely hair

Forget those Hair treatments which cost you a fortune. Try these 3 products from your kitchen that will do magic on your hair..!!

Egg + coconut oil + olive oil = thick and shiny beautiful hair.

Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein, the protein helps your hair grow, as well as add shine, thicken, and strengthen your hair.

Coconut Oil: benefits of Coconut oil are countless it helps in hair growth, softening, shine, and helps with split ends. Coconut oil contains vitamin K, vitamin E, and iron which helps in eliminating dandruff.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is a natural conditioner for the hair and promotes scalp health. Olive oil massages can improve the blood circulation in your scalp. This increased blood flow can stimulate the follicles, which then produce thicker strands.

The combination of eggs, coconut oil, and olive oil helps you to grow healthiest hair.


1-2 raw eggs

1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil

1-2 tablespoon of olive oil

**mix the quantity depending on the length of your hair.

How to use:

– Warm up the coconut oil for about 15-20 seconds (Allow it too cool for about 1-2 minutes)

– Combine the coconut oil, eggs, and olive oil together (mix it all together until it is very smooth)

– Apply the mask  on your entire hair mainly on the roots of the hair.

-After application, wear a shower cap or a grocery bag to seal mask to create heat.

-Leave the mask in your hair for a minimum of one hour.

-Wash out with lukewarm to cool water (not hot water).

-Shampoo and then apply conditioner.

-Enjoy your beautiful hair !

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